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This Gift Shop deals in Desk Memo Pads & Refrigerator Pads with Magnets.
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The Desk Memo Pads & Refrigerator Pads with Magnets Collection

Sample of a Desk Pad/Memo Pad
Sample Magnetic Refrigerator Notepad
Back of refrigerator Notepad

These desk memo pads come in either 5.25" x 8.50" or 5.25" x 4.25" in size. The Refrigerator Pads with Magnets come in 3.5" x 8.50" and have a magnetic backing. All memo pads have 50 sheets to a pack. These magnetic pads look good on a Refrigerator, a Locker, a Tool Box, a File Cabinet or any other smooth metal surface at home or work. The memo pad will be sent in a bubble wrapped envelope for protection. It will be shipped via USPS, First Class mail.

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Magnetic Notepads
for Refrigerators.

Military Services
Aircraft Carriers
Aircraft Carrier Emblems
St. Augustine
Spiritual Life

for Desks.

Aircraft Carrier Emblems
Military Services

Note Cards

St. Augustine

Aircraft Carrier Collection

Aircraft Carrier Emblem Collection

Military Services Collection

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St. Augustine Collection

Spiritual Life Collection

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