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This Gift shop deals in Posters & Prints for Naval Station Mayport Ships.
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The Naval Station Mayport Ship Posters & Prints Collection
Posters & Prints

Aerial views of Jacksonville Mayport Naval Station.

Index of Jacksonville Mayport based Ship Prints.

These Prints come in sizes: 8x10, 8.5x11, 11x14, 16x20 and 18x24.
These inviting decorative Navy Prints are perfect in every home for as wall decor.
They make a perfect gift for those who are currently serving or have served on these Ships.

These Prints will be Shipped via USPS, First Class Mail.

Active Duty
Mayport Ships

(CG 58) USS Philippine Sea.
(CG 64) USS Gettysburg.
(CG 66) USS Hue City.
(CG 69) USS Vicksburg.
(DDG 68) USS The Sullivans.
(DDG 80) USS Roosevelt.
(DDG 82) USS Lassen.
(DDG 99) USS Farragut.
(LHD 7) USS Iwo Jima.
(LPD 21) USS New York.
(LSD 43) USS Fort. McHenry
(PC 8) USS Zephyr.
(PC 13) USS Shamal.
(PC 14) USS Tornado.

Mayport Ships

(CV 60) USS Saratoga.
(CV 67) USS John F. Kennedy
(CV 59) USS Forrestal.
(CV 67) USS Shangri-La
(DDG 64) USS Carney.
(FFG 40) USS Halyburton.

Active Duty
Mayport Ships.

USS Philippine Sea (CG 58)
USS Gettysburg (CG 64)
USS Hue City (CG 66)
USS Farragut (DDG 99)
USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7)
USS New York (LPD 21)
USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43)
USS Zephyr (PC 8)
USS Shamal (PC 13)
USS Tornado (PC 14)

Mayport Ships.

John F. Kennedy
USS Halyburton (FFG-40)
USS Underwwod (FFG 36)

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