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USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2), USS John King (DDG 3) and USS Lawrence (DDG 4).

Index of US Navy Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyers

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Active Duty
Guided Missile Destroyers

(DDG 2) USS Charles F. Adams
(DDG 3) USS John King
(DDG 4) USS Lawrence
(DDG 5) USS Biddle
(DDG 5) USS Claude V. Rickets
(DDG 6) USS Barney
(DDG 7) USS Henry B. Wilson
(DDG 8) USS Lynde McCormick
(DDG 9) USS Towers
(DDG 10) USS Sampson
(DDG 11) USS Sellers
(DDG 12) USS Robison
(DDG 13) USS Hoel
(DDG 14) USS Buchanan
(DDG 15) USS Berkeley
(DDG 16) USS Joseph Strauss
(DDG 17) USS Conyngham
(DDG 18) USS Semmes
(DDG 19) USS Tattnall
(DDG 20) USS Goldsborough
(DDG 21) USS Cochrane
(DDG 22) USS Benjamin Stoddert
(DDG 23) USS Richard E. Byrd
(DDG 24) USS Waddell

USS Charles F. Adams (DDG 2)
USS John King (DDG 3)
USS Lawrence (DDG 4)
USS Biddle (DDG 5)
USS Claude V. Ricketts (DDG 5)
USS Barney (DDG 6)
USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG 7)
USS Lynde McCormick (DDG 8)
USS Towers (DDG 9)
USS Sampson (DDG 10)
USS Sellers (DDG 11)
USS Robison (DDG 12)
USS Hoel (DDG 13)
USS Buchanan (DDG 14)
USS Berkeley (DDG 15)
USS Joseph Strauss (DDG 16)
USS Conyngham (DDG 17)
USS Semmes (DDG 18)
USS Tattnall (DDG 19)
USS Goldsborough (DDG 20)
USS Cochrane (DDG 21)
USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG 22)
USS Richard E Byrd (DDG 23)
USS Waddell (DDG 24)

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